QR Generation

- https://github.com/korlibs/korge-image-formats/tree/v0.1.2/korim-qr##041e004b675ceb4bc57a408b32124661e3cf5be7

Supports generating QR codes:

image(QR.msg("Hello from KorIM-QR!")).xy(128, 128).scale(6.0).also { it.smoothing = false }//.filters(DropshadowFilter(0.0, 0.0, blurRadius = 12.0, shadowColor = Colors.BLACK))

Constructing a QR builder

First we have to construct a QR instance or use the companion object. This class can be constructed with a correctionLevel parameter, and colors for the dark and light areas: colorDark and colorLight.

val qr = QR // Singleton
val qr = QR()
val qr = QR(colorDark = Colors.BLACK, colorLight = Colors.WHITE)
val qr = QR(correctLevel = QRErrorCorrectLevel.H)

Generating a Bitmap32 QR code

With a QR instance already constructed, we can generate a QR code by using the provided methods in the class. QR codes support several kind of contents, and there are methods supporting those contents.

qr.vCard(name, phone, email, url, addr, org, note)
qr.meCard(name, phone, email, url, addr, org)
qr.wifi(ssid, password, WifiKind.WEP)
qr.sms(number, message)
qr.geo(latitude, longitude)
qr.calendarEvent(summary, startDateTime, endDateTime, location, description)